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The Podcast

Welcome to Take the Upgrade Podcast where we believe that if you don’t prioritize you compromise. Where overwhelm is the enemy and creating habits is the way to more time and energy!!

Here’s what you can expect: each week on Monday we will bring you a topic, concept, or inspiring interview to start your week. All with the intention of helping you Take the Upgrade to have more time and energy for the things that matter and step into all God created you to be! 

Check out 3 Top Downloaded Podcast Episodes

 Lindsay Huelse

Episode 63: All Things Fasting: Intermittent Fasting, Fat Fasting, 24 Hour Fasts, Fasted Workouts

Listen in!

The Organic Dietitian

Episode 10: The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Healing Their Gut 

Listen in!

Karalee Glore

Episode 31: Overcome sugar addiction and change your life!

Listen in!