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your issues and heal your gut

Let’s get to the root of your health concerns together! I take a holistic approach to concerns like no energy, brain fog, hormone imbalance, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, common skin conditions such as acne, and more. This approach includes proper testing to finally identify and heal the underlying issue followed by plant based customized treatment options. Visit my services page to learn how we can work together. Let's start making your health a priority!

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Is your gut ready for a reset?​

 Are you ready to begin healing your gut to improve your overall health and get rid of symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, skin breakouts, brain fog, inability to focus, sugar cravings, low immunity, joint and muscle pain, and fatigue? Then you are in the right place! That is exactly what my 5 day Gut Reset Guide will do! I've taken years of experiments + trial and error + science backed date and put it into one resource for you! This is your guide to true health! 

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Here's what you get:

👍🏻 Why gut health might be the most important health issue you ever heal

👍🏻 Specific strategies to improve your digestion

👍🏻 Top tips for elimination (aka having a daily vowel movement)

👍🏻 What your poop should actually look like (yep, this is a huge window into our overall health)

👍🏻 Foods to begin eliminating that are true gut bombs

👍🏻 Foods to incorporate that promote gut healing

👍🏻 A full 5 day plan with full recipes and grocery list to reset your gut and get you on the right track

👍🏻 Videos tutorial for each recipe

👍🏻 2 pages of FAQs

👍🏻 The most important supplements for the gut and what will make the most impact 

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